Life is too short for boring skis

Life is too short for boring skis

Have what the professionals have. Get the best out of your skiing talent!

Now you can experience the benefits of handcrafted custom fitted skis, previously only available to top ski athletes.

We at Valaiski bring you the opportunity to substantially improve your skiing performance with skis created specifically for you – whether you are a beginner or an expert skier.

Every human body is unique, as is every skiing style.

Handcrafted to suit each individual, Valaiski are tailor-made specifically to your needs and therefore like no skis you have ever experienced before.

In Flow-State

Come with us for unforgettable days in the mountains.

Feel how intuitive our skis are, allowing your body and mind to be as one with the pristine white mountains.

Swiss Master Crafted
Uniquely yours

Get your perfect-fit, bespoke skis. It’s easy.

Made to your exact physics, capabilities and needs

Bespoke Skis

Valaiski builds skis perfectly matched to the physics, capabilities and preferred skiing style of its owners.

Our bespoke fitting process allows us to choose the perfect profiles, materials and construction to create your unique ski.

You’ll notice the difference immediately:

  • greater “sweet spot” with better control
  • improved balance
  • unprecedented response & damping
Valaiski Sweet-spot

This leads to more fluid effortless movements, more comfort and ultimately much more fun.

Turns are not limited to just one set specific radius, but are fully flexible for you to precisely control what direction to set during each turn.


Low gravity force tip reducing ski vibration


Custom selected materials, individually set profiles and construction


Proprietary racing edge design improving ski flex


Monolithic nanotechnology race base with World Cup florid preparation

Learn more about the Swiss Ski building tradition
Learn more about what makes the Valaiski wood core so special

The ski creation for our Master-builders is complicated
The process for you is simple

Bespoke Ski Tailoring Process

The Valaiski Bespoke Ski Tailoring is a stringent 6 step process, and provides the information required to build the perfect ski for you.

Learn more about the Bespoke Ski Tailoring Process

Swiss Manufacture

Master Hand Crafted

At Valaiski, we bring you the heritage of Swiss ski building, together with Swiss precision and craftsmanship.

Every ski is handcrafted by our Master-builders, each with more than 25 years ski building experience.

A fusion of finest wood materials and latest state-of-the-art high tech materials, processes and machine technology results in skis unparalleled to any mass production ski.

Valaiski are breaking the conformity of ski mass production redefining your relationship with your skis.

Only the best that helps making our skis even better goes into a Valaiski, resulting in superior performance and longevity.

Valaiski – Fusion of state-of-the-art technology and Swiss ski building tradition

Learn more about the Valaiski Manufacturing

Made to your physics, capabilities and desires

We create your custom ski with unique sets of parameters and hand picked combinations of materials with customized stiffness/flex patterns.

10 Reasons why a bespoke Valaiski will make you discover a whole new world of winter.

Your design

For over 25 years our Master-builders have created hundreds of hand-crafted skis for people all over the world.

But what makes each ski even more special to its owner is the unique look they help design — which is where things get really fun.

Concierge Ski Service

Do you dislike dragging along heavy ski gear for your way too short winter vacation?

Is expensive sports gear air transport getting into your way and renting mediocre gear on site is no alternative?

Master Built & Team Built Custom Series

Master Built

Endless creativity for your bespoke ski

Taylor Made to your specific physics, capabilities, ski style and design desires from A to Z by one of our master builders

Create your own dream ski

Team Built

Limited Custom Series

Limited custom series of hand crafted skis for the discerning skier. Developed, shaped and built by our artisan team supervised by the master builder.

Available at selected partners

Can’t get enough?
More Valaiski features


  • Fastest race base on the market
  • Super flex edge material giving extra ski flex
  • Various options for ski armor incl. steel tip cap and aramid structures

Ready to race

  • World Cup Race Base preparation
  • World Cup Edge Tuning
  • World Cup High Module Floride Hot Wax preparation


  • Your personal signature on your ski
  • RFID ready: Track Owner ID, Ski Properties & Service Intervals

Swiss Master Crafted
Uniquely yours

Get your perfect-fit, bespoke skis. It’s easy.

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