Why wood core

Wood had been the material for skis from the very first day due to its unique properties of strength, flexibility and dynamic damping characteristics.

Although technology development especially in the area of fiber re-enforced structures led to new ski concepts and new production technologies also allowing for cost optimization, wood has proven to be irreplaceable when a truly harmonious lively ski is desired.

That is why today even in toughest downhill skiing races wood remains the chosen core material.

For Valaiski like for classical instruments, choice of wood and artisan know-how will define whether it stays a piece of tree or transfers into a concert of emotions.

Time that matters

Quality wood sourcing is one of the key reasons for the livelyness of a Valaiski. However sourcing is just the first step in a long process to get the wood core ready for its life inside a Valaiski.

At Valaiski we source the highest quality wood from all over the world including our pristine high altitude forest of the Valais, Switzerland.

Then we lock it away in our climatized chamber for a long long time.

Time is what high quality wood needs in order to slowly dry out to exactly 48% humidity level at which the wood remains until its structure is as much isotropically harmonized as it possibly gets.

Only now the core is brought into its final form and hand crafted into a unique Valaiski.