Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee that you’ll 100% love your Valaiski.

Buy them, ski them hard, and evaluate them. If you don’t like your skis, just let us know and we’ll make it right by building you a new set or returning your money.

There’s zero risk of getting stuck with a set of skis from us that you don’t absolutely love.

Valaiski offers a smarter way to purchase skis.

We map your physics, capabilities and desires and then build your optimal skis that allow you to reach your absolute highest potential.

Test winners per definition are skis that please a very broad audience and turn down the least amount of testers. So in other words a test winner is a “one-size-fits-all” ski. A bespoke Valaiski on the other hand is custom fit to you personally leading to a huge sweet spot just for you.

You’ll know you’re on your ideal equipment and spend your time in the mountains having fun skiing rather than demoing and evaluating skis.

However as your skis are made for you to love they will be highly polarizing so others who have not your physics and capabilities might not like them at all. That is the magic of bespoke skis.

Master Built bespoke skis start at CHF 3670,-.

We’ll give you the exact price of your skis during your design consultation.

If you haven’t already done so, please schedule a call and we will guide you into the world of Valaiski.

Our custom built process typically takes 2-3 weeks.

In case you have a trip scheduled or need them sooner?

Email ( or call us at +420 776 064 669 to see if we can fast track them for you.

Nope. Not at all. We hand build and ship skis all over the world. No need to custom fit on site.

Get started by completing the Valaiski Fitting questionnaire or call us at +420 776 064 669.

However optionally if you would like to meet your dedicated expert ski instructor to better help you analyze your skills and capabilities and as part of the experience ride some of our most distinct Valaiski models to figure out your favorite direction, then this is for you.

Although this step is not needed in order to give our master builders all they require to built your bespoke ski, we decided to offer this one-on-one ski fitting anyways in order to let you fully immerse in the world of Valaski.

This option gives you a sense of what the sensation feels like riding a hand crafted custom built Valaiski and give you a pre-hint what it will feel like when finally riding your own fully bespoke skis.

This one-on-one fitting we can offer 365 days all year around due to the glacier ski paradise Zermatt just next to our manufacture.

In any case we do recommend that you use your bespoke ski as a reason to visit us in the Valais and test ride your new skis.

Valaiski Spa Retreat

Service currently limited to shipping within Switzerland


  • No need dragging around of heavy ski gear completely bypassing extra cost for additional luggage on your way to the mountains. Your bespoke skis are delivered to your favorite ski destination* ahead of your arrival. Hassle-free pickup when your vacation is over.
  • Highest professional manufacture ski service with edges tuned, race base repaired, surface structured, hot wax prepared and top sheet touched up ready for you to hit the first run in race condition
  • Storage in ideal temperature/humidity conditions in climatized chamber at the manufacture preserving your valuable winter companions until your next winter vacation

Package includes:

  • Transport from and back to Ski resort within Switzerland
  • Full manufacturing ski service to race ready conditions
  • Up to one year storage in temperature/humidity controlled chamber at the manufacture

To do:

  • Please fill out Valaiski Spa Retreat Form. By completed payment process skis will be picked up, serviced and stored.
  • In case next ski trip is not planned yet, no worries. Get your skis into the Valaiski Spa Retreat first. Then just send us a short email or give us a call minimum 7 days in advance so we can prepare hot wax base treatment and ship for on-time delivery to your skiing location.